The untapped European source for power and growth

In the past years European countries have taken many steps in developing marine energy technologies and turning the North Sea region into a central hub for offshore renewable energy. This technological advantage together with a vast resource of wave and tidal energy forms the potential for economic growth as well as CO2 reduction through increased renewable energy production.

To fulfill this potential it is necessary to accelerate the development of existing pilot technologies, so they can reach economic competitiveness soon. By accommodating more deployments of larger scale pilots will develop a better understanding of the various topics surrounding tidal energy turbines, wave energy converters and floating wind energy structures.

Progressive insights on developing these technologies are gained by different researchers in different countries simultaneously or sometimes even subsequently. A more effective use of information, by combining effort internationally and exchanging expertise as well as experience within one European program, will lead to an accelerated drop of costs.  

OESA aims to accelerate the development of marine energy technologies through strategic partnerships and international collaboration.

The Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance (OESA) is an accelerator project aiming to develop and deploy large scale marine energy pilots. The transnational partnership under the lead of the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) combines expertise from 6 European countries from the North Sea Region.

The following three goals will accommodate a larger number of technology deployments in the future:

  1. To develop a transnational scale-up offer for marine energy technologies, in which the services of large European service providers in offshore and marine energy are combined.
  2. To accelerate the development of four technologies, leading to the deployment of 20 MW in large scale pilots.
  3. To bring together stakeholders from the offshore industry, investment business and policy makers in a stakeholder platform and show the collaborative potential of marine energy in order to secure their support for future deployments in the ocean energy sector.

A strong partnership of international experts

Within OESA, 13 organisations combine their expertise in offshore engineering, market development, ocean energy testing and technology development. To make sure that the offer is tailored to the most urgent needs of the industry, 5 technology developers are members of the alliance. Together with the 8 service providers they are analysing and defining services that will lead to the deployment of their technology pilots.

The 8 service partners are combining their expertise to offer a portfolio that covers both technological as well as commercial services. This will not only lead to the immediate acceleration of pilot development but also ensures the sustainable growth of technology companies.

Through its transnational collaboration OESA strives to strengthen the ocean energy sector. This will allow to share lessons learned and lead to the faster production of more renewable energy in the North Sea region.