Project Videos

The NuReDrain project produced a series of videos showing the different field cases and their specific approach and circumstances.


Relive the NuReDrain webinars


Filter systems for Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal in horticulture by PCS and KU Leuven


Filter systems for phosphorus removal from drainage water in agricultural fields by Ghent University and Inagro


Video about tests on a phosphorus filter system in a water production centre by De Watergroep and VITO


Video about the phosphor removal filter system with a sediment and a reactive filter of Aarhus University and Copenhagen University in Fensholt


Video about the field test of a denitrication filter system by OOWV at Lethe river in Lower Saxony


Video about the inline phosphorus filter system by LWK Niedersachsen for drainage water at Venner Bruchkanal in Lower Saxony


Video about the computer model that estimates the reduction potential of nutrient removal filters at catchment scale by Rostock University


Video about the experimental Zero Valent Iron filter for the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen from drainage water developed by Copenhagen University


Video about NuReDrain project and filter tests at PC Sierteelt on 'Plattelandspret' for TV Oost (local TV in Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, BE)


NuReDrain organises three webinars about nutrient removal from agricultural water

10 July 2020

This september, the NuReDrain project consortium presents its research results in a series of three thematic webinars.

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Innovation News Network brings special report on NuReDrain

19 June 2020

The research and field tests of NuReDrain attract international attention! The reputed scientific medium Innovation News Network (INN) brings a special report about NuReDrain's innovative technologie…

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Copenhagen University test zero valent iron filter pilot for nitrate filtration

05 June 2020

University of Copenhagen is testing a so-called Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) filter for nitrate filtration at its Taastrup Campus.

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KU Leuven investigate the possibility of integrating phosphorus adsorbing materials in a circular process

03 June 2020

The regeneration of the saturated P filter materials and the recovery of the adsorbed phosphorus, is part of the research within the NuReDrain project. Researchers at KU Leuven have developed a method…

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Reuse P in iron coated sand as fertilizer: results additional pot trials

03 June 2020

What is the recovery potential from phosphorus captured in Iron Coated Sand (ICS) filter granules as fertilizer? PCS Ornamental Plant Research conducted a new series of pot trials on different plant …

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Learn more about nutrient removal filters in the NuReDrain Filter Fact Sheets

02 June 2020

You want to know more about the operating conditions, removal efficiency, investment costs and operational expenditures of our filter systems? Discover it swiftly in the NuReDrain Filter Fact Sheets.…

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Build your own MBBR filter for N removal

02 June 2020

Nitrate removal can be achieved by biological denitrification to nitrogen gas. NuReDrain partner PCS has been intensively testing the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) filter that uses this principle …

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Nuredrain project continues until September 2021

02 June 2020

Translating lab research to field demonstration is always challenging: it turns out colder that you had hoped for, it rains more then you can cope with, a pump fails and a filter clogs... Therefore, t…

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PCS tests Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor at horticultural farms

06 January 2020

The field performance of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR) for nitrogen removal on effluent from greenhouses is tested by PCS. The test results from two floristries in Belgium show promising results.…

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Inagro builds a constructed wetland inspired by examples of Aarhus University

19 December 2019

The research institute Inagro obtained new experimental fields for research on arable land and open air horticulture. Because nitrate losses from drainage water are an important issue in Flanders and …

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