Project Videos

The NuReDrain project produced a series of videos showing the different field cases and their specific approach and circumstances.


Relive the NuReDrain webinars


Filter systems for Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal in horticulture by PCS and KU Leuven


Filter systems for phosphorus removal from drainage water in agricultural fields by Ghent University and Inagro


Video about tests on a phosphorus filter system in a water production centre by De Watergroep and VITO


Video about the phosphor removal filter system with a sediment and a reactive filter of Aarhus University and Copenhagen University in Fensholt


Video about the field test of a denitrication filter system by OOWV at Lethe river in Lower Saxony


Video about the inline phosphorus filter system by LWK Niedersachsen for drainage water at Venner Bruchkanal in Lower Saxony


Video about the computer model that estimates the reduction potential of nutrient removal filters at catchment scale by Rostock University


Video about the experimental Zero Valent Iron filter for the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen from drainage water developed by Copenhagen University


Video about NuReDrain project and filter tests at PC Sierteelt on 'Plattelandspret' for TV Oost (local TV in Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, BE)


SEGES visits MBBR installations

24 January 2022

The Danish agricultural knowledge and innovation centre SEGES has come to Belgium to take a look at the NuReDrain Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) filter systems that remove nitrates from drainage wa…

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Survey: farmers’ opinion on filter systems

24 January 2022

Nuredrain values the farmers’ opinion. Which requirements should the nutrient removal filters have? Are individual or collective filters recommended? Who should pay for these filters? Therefore a surv…

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Nuredrain 2.0 started

24 January 2022

Last summer, the Interreg secretariat for the North Sea Region approved our proposal for the extension of NuReDrain until June 2023! With NuReDrain 2.0, we continue our research into the development o…

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VIDEO Computer model calculates the reduction potential of nutrient removal filters

09 December 2021

The filter materials and filter systems have shown their potential to reduce the nutrient pollution in drainage water at a local level. For decision makers, it is of great importance to know the nutri…

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VIDEO A denitrification filter system at river Lethe (Germany)

07 December 2021

The high nitrate concentrations in the river Lethe (Lower Saxony, Germany) threatens the biodiversity in the Ahlhorner Fischteichte nature area. OOWV, the local drinking water supplier, set up a field…

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VIDEO Phosphorus filter system for drainage water at Venner Bruchkanal (Germany)

07 December 2021

The Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture (LWK Niedersachsen) has developed a filter shaft that collects and filters the phosphorus-containing water from a drainage system shortly before it flows into t…

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VIDEO A sediment and reactive filter system for drainage water

03 November 2021

Aarhus University and Copenhagen University set up a test site in the Fensholt catchment (Denmark) for a filter system consisting of a sediment and a reactive filter that removes both particulate and …

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A digital field walk at the Venner Bruchkanal

06 July 2021

This summer LWK Niedersachsen invited all its German and European stakeholders for a ‘digital field walk' at the field case Venner Bruchkanal where an inline phosphorus filter has been built and teste…

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NuReDrain shares its results and conclusions in a well attended webinar

03 June 2021

On 1 June 2021 NuReDrain organised its final conference webinar. 155 registered participants were informed about the conducted field tests in the past four years, the nutrient reduction potential for …

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A Nuredrain 2.0 project?

07 May 2021

The Interreg North Sea Region secretariat has launched call 12 in January 2021. This call is intended for ongoing projects to request budget for extra activities. The Nuredrain consortium has grabbed …

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