VITO and Vlakwa


VITO, based in Mol (Belgium), is a leading European independent research and technology organisation in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today.


Granular sorbents from water treatment sludges

The past years VITO and De Watergroep have developed novel granular sorbents from drinking water treatment sludges.

In the Nuredrain project VITO will optimize and scale the production to go from the current lab scale to relevant quantities needed for the planned field and pilot tests. Also, the effect of the origin and collection of the sludges on the process conditions will be looked into.

VITO will also be involved in the benchmarking of the various phosphate sorbent materials and in the investigating strategies to recover phosphate from the satured sorbent materials.  

Discover the filter materials VITO will be testing.



Project Management and Communication

VITO is also responsible for the project management and the project communication of the NuReDrain project through its independent division VLAKWA, Flanders Knowledge Center Water.

VITO/Vlakwa will ensure and promote the communication strategy and outreach management of the project. In this role VITO/Vlakwa will raise awareness to the relevant stakeholders (e.g. water utilities, authorities, agricultural organisations, filter developers) about nutrient removal technologies and its potential impact on restoring the nutrient balances in water bodies.


For this project VITO receives € 44.760,96 support from the Province Antwerp and € 46.924 support from the Provincie West Flanders.