Rostock University


Modeling study

To evaluate the impact on aquatic ecosystems of the various filter materials tested in Project NuReDrain, modeling tools are needed. For decision makers, it is of great importance to know the nutrient reduction potential of these innovative filter technologies at catchment scale.

Furthermore, if these filter technologies will come into action, the specific locations of the filter devices inside a catchment should be known.

Estimation of the impact of mitigation measures

To realize this challenging task, experts from the University of Rostock will estimate the impact of nutrient mitigation measures on the reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen in two contrasting mesoscale catchments across the project region. In addition, potential locations for measurements will be identified using geoprocessing tools.

A modelling study for the planning of mitigationacross the North Sea Region

With this modeling study, it will become clear which impact can be achieved when nutrient removal technologies are applied on agricultural streams in a catchment. The modeling study can serve as a blueprint for planning mitigation measures at other catchments across the North Sea Region.