PCS Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt


PCS Ornamental Plant Research is research center for ornamental plants situated in Destelbergen (Belgium), right in the heart of the growing region for ornamental plants. The professional sector and consultancy services are closely involved in the functioning of the centre, resulting in an optimal interaction between research, information and practice.  Each year the programmes of the practical research are worked out in technical committees consisting mainly of growers, but also attended by researchers and consultants.


A constructed wetland at PCS

Follow-up of filter techniques and tests with the reuse as fertilizer

During the bench scale evaluations, PCS will follow-up filter techniques combining N and P removal on the water discharged from a greenhouse cultivating ornamental plants, both on the campus and on-farm. Further, PCS is responsible beneficiary for the recovery of P through filtration. The recovered P from the used filter materials will be first analysed in lab tests and the most suitables will be used in pot (PCS) and field experiments (Inagro) to test if they can be reused as fertilizer.

As such, materials can be maximally recycled. The fertilizing capacity of the filter materials will be evaluated based on the plant growth of ornamentals (PCS) and vegetables (Inagro). Materials not suitable for direct reuse as fertilizer will undergo P-desorption tests (VITO, UGent, KU Leuven) to investigate to which amount the P can be desorbed and recovered, prior to field amendment.

Practical experience and uptake

PCS will offer its experiences on techniques that are validated in Flanders towards the other partners. Finally, PCS has a large network and will foresee dissemination activities and practical uptake by farmers.


For this project PCS receives € 59.112,50 support from the Province East Flanders.