Oldenburgische-Ostfriesische Wasserverband


The Oldenburgische-Ostfriesische Wasserverband (OOWV) is a drinking water company in the State of Lower Saxony. Nutrition and fertilizer management is a big challenge for all actors in the field of land management and agriculture. 

Cooperating with the Chamber of agriculture (LWK Niedersachsen), OOWV is in close relationship with farmers, public and science to stimulate the local practical implementation of the scientific innovation.


OOWV will in this project be a stimulating and care-taking intermediate between farmers and researchers. undefined


Field demonstrations and tests at river Lethe

OOWV will be involved in a series of field demonstrations at river Lethe and will support the practical uptake and acceptance of new technologies and approaches by local farmers for N reduction and will therefore launch “self-declaration guidelines” on a voluntary base to protect surface and groundwater in the river catchment.


The OOWV will test the nutrient input in the Lethe river. Different filter materials and filter configurations will be tested on site for their nutrient removal capacity.The type of material used and the filter configuration tested will be based on the outcome of the bench scale evaluation.