Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen



LWK Niedersachsen is a chamber of agriculture and will be an intermediary between farmers and researchers.

The chamber of agriculture will be involved in the field demonstrations at Dümmer lake , the second largest lake (13 km²) in Lower Saxony that suffers from eutrophication.

This is the result of intensive farming in the catchment area (324 km2) and already a matter of public concern since 1972. The large variety of beneficiary interest on lake Dümmer (e.g. tourism, water sports, commercial fishing, natural reserve, residents) predisposes its catchment area as study region for project NuReDrain and also for many other disciplines and projects.


Drainage flow into Lake Dümmer

Scientific monitoring of diffuse P import since 2011 identified drainage flow as a main source of soluble P, especially in organic soils and soils high in C.

LWK aims to run P-filter systems attached to drainage tube outlets in agricultural field sites identified as sources of high soluble P.


Dissemination and communication to local farmers

In project NuReDrain LWK interlinks scientific output from project partners to practical farmers application by joining stakeholders, adjusting the information level to the audience, defining a common objective and disseminating the outcome via multiples (e.g. farmers association) as well as target-oriented (farmers managing field sites with drainage flow high in P) and public channels.


The chamber of agriculture (LWK) is the self-government of agriculture in Lower Saxony (Germany), the main tasks are consulting and education, exercise of official duties (e.g. implementation of law and enactment, funding) and functions as specialist authority in agriculture and forestry.