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Experience with denitrification and phosphate removal

The Process and Evironmental Technology Lab (PETLab) of KU Leuven (Belgium) has distinct knowledge on the application of biofilm carriers for a robust denitrification of wastewater. Furthermore, previous PETLab research on phosphate removal included the use of iron coated sand as a low cost adsorbent.

Bench scale and technical-economic evaluation of filter materials

In the bench scale evaluation, PETLab will characterize different filter materials for high loaded nutrient streams such as greenhouse effluent. The outcome will be a technical-economic evaluation of the used materials. Phosphorus adsorption in column and shake tests will be investigated.

Biological denitrication and phosphorus adso

Simultaneous, AnoxKaldnes biocarriers will be used to remove nitrate via biological denitrification in a moving bed bioreactor (MBBR). Furthermore, in cooperation with PCS, a field study of greenhouse effluent purification will be monitored.

Finally, if direct reuse of the phosphorus adsorbents on agricultural fields is not possible, the phosphorus desorption capacity is tested in the field. This approach allows us to investigate the applicability of both nutrient removal techniques for the purification of greenhouse drainage water and to optimize the process parameters under varying conditions and nutrient loadings.

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For this project KU LEUVEN receives € 35.833,60 support from the Province Antwerp.undefined