In collaboration with the other NuReDrain project partners, Inagro will through this project expand its knowledge about nutrient recovery for N and P.

Follow-up of pot and field tests

At first level, Inagro follows up the in the field installated filter materials at drainage tubes. Inagro will test the recovered nutrients from the filter materials by doing pot and field trials with agricultural or horticultural plants.

Dissemination of experiences and solutions

This knowledge and experience will be widely validated after the project, with the aim of reducing nutrients and reuse of recycled P. Inagro will widly dessiminate the knowledge and expertise towards agricultural and horticultural farmers to work on reducing losses through nutrient N and P recovery by recuperation and reuse of P as fertilizer.


Inagro is located in the very intensive and innovation-driven agricultural and horticultural heart of the province of West Flanders in Belgium. It is the knowledge partner of agricultural and horticultural businesses in the areas of innovation and sustainability. Inagro's scientific and technical teams devise farming and cultivation techniques ready for practical use.

For this project Inagro receives € 59.112,50 support from the Province West Flanders.