Ghent University



Ghent University's research group of Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management will take part in the two core work packages of the NuReDrain project, the bench scale evaluation of filter materials and the field demonstrations of nutrient filter systems.

Evaluation of the performance and applicability

With the proven knowledge on environmental aspects of (agricultural) nutrient use, the research group wil play a leading role in the evaluation of the performance (P sorption capacity and kinetics), the applicability (testing for saturated hydraulic conductivity) and the durability (development of break-through curves) of potential filter materials.

Design and development of filter systems 

Ghent University wil also assist in the design and development of filter systems adapted to the wide range of situations (high/low flow rates combined with low/high P concentrations in continuous/discontinuous flow regimes) to be faced in this project.

Finally the research group will be responsible for the field scale demonstration and evaluation of filter systems under discontinuous flow regimes with low P concentrations.


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For this project UGent receives € 20.435 support from the Province West Flanders.