Copenhagen University


Bench scale evaluation of DiaPure and zero valent iron

The section of Environmental Chemistry and Physics at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen (PLEN-UCPH) will mainly contribute to the bench scale evaluation.

It will do the optimization of the DiaPure filter material for P sorption and it will also be responsible for the production and supply of the DiaPure filter material for bench tests and it will develop and test a small pilot-scale zero valent iron (ZVI) filter system

Finally it will supply ZVI filter materials for bench testing. In relation to the field demonstrations we will supply DiaPure filter material to AU for field testing and supply of zero-valent iron filter material for a small scale field testing, and take part in data processing from the field tests. 

PLEN-UCPH will also take part in dissemination and outreach activities as planned.


More information about the filter materials.