The NuReDrain partners

 NuReDrain is a research and demonstration program on filter systems for nitrogen and phosphor recovery from agricultural waters.

Universities and research institutes

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The NuReDrain consortium consists of universities and research intstitutes from Belgium, Denmark and Germany that have a large research expertise in both phosphate and nitrate removal from agricultural waters through filtration.


Agricultural and horticultural knowledge partners

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The universities and research institutes are assisted by knowledge partners with broad field experiences in agriculture and horticulture. They will help to develop field tests for the different filtration materials and the development of filtration systems that effectively work and allow to reuse the trapped nutrients as fertilizers for the farms.

After both bench scale analyses and field scale demonstrations, a technical-economic evaluation will be made for the different filter systems. The evaluation will clarify which systems perform well and are affordable for the specificic situations.


Drinking water companies

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NuReDrain also harbours a Belgian and German drinking water company, both confronted by eutrophication due to nutrient loss from farms in the catchment area of their water reservoirs and production facilities.