NuReDrain shares its results and conclusions in a well attended webinar

03 June 2021 - Published by Charlotte Boeckaert
On 1 June 2021 NuReDrain organised its final conference webinar. 155 registered participants were informed about the conducted field tests in the past four years, the nutrient reduction potential for end-of-pipe solutions of different filter materials, the potential impact on the water quality in a catchment and our latest insights on the potential phosphorus recovery and reuse.


Download the presentations of the webinar

1. Introduction and Part I: Phosphate removal from drainage water

2. Part II: Nitrate removal from drainage water and greenhouse effluent and Part III: The bumpy road of phosphate recovery and reuse

3. Recovery of phosphorus by chemical treatment;  Part IV: Nutrient removal modelling and Cost-effectiveness of the filters and the farmers’ opinion


Q&A Session

An overview of all questions raised during the Q&A sessions with their answers, can be found here.