A digital field walk at the Venner Bruchkanal

06 July 2021 - Published by Charlotte Boeckaert
This summer LWK Niedersachsen invited all its German and European stakeholders for a ‘digital field walk' at the field case Venner Bruchkanal where an inline phosphorus filter has been built and tested.

During this online 'field visit', LWK Niedersachsen presented the development of the plant at the Venner Bruchkanal in the Dümmer catchment from 2017 to 2021.

The feedback was positive.

The company Schulz wassertechnik uses P filters as an optional add on for decentralised small wastewater treatment plants and also relies on mobile, modular systems there.

The Zug Farmers' Association (CH) is taking this NuReDrain information into its cantonal government talks and plans to exchange more information. An employee of an engineering company (IGLU) asked for a contact regarding the mobile constructed wetland and is referred to OOWV.

Download the presenation of the 'field walk' here.