NuReDrain 2.0 Webinar shows the road to effective nutrient filter systems in the fields

29 September 2022 - Published by Charlotte Boeckaert
On 24 November, NuReDrain organised a well-attended webinar where the project partners presented the research work and first results of NuReDrain 2.0.

Participants were informed about following topics:

  • a phosphorus filter systems with iron coated sand in drained fields (Ghent University)
  • the regeneration and reuse potential iron coated sand filter material: a technical and economic analysis (VITO)
  • Combining filter systems for N and P removal from greenhouse wastewater (PCS Ornamental Plant Research)
  • A cost and impact assessment of measures for reducing nutrient export from agricultural landscapes (Rostock University)
  • An overview of NuReDrain's construction manuals, videos, fact sheets and cost assessment tools (VLAKWA Flanders Knowledge Centre Water) 

Download the presentation slides here

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