Project NuReDrain kicks off in Billund

The members of the NuReDrain Project held their Kick-Off meeting on the 14th and 15th of March 2017 in Billund, Denmark.


Project teammembers

From left to right: Stefan Koch, Silke Bücker, Lorenzo Pugliese, Bernd Lennartz, Goshwin Heckrath, Hans Christian Hansen, Pieter Van Aken, Charlotte Kjaergaard, Jef Bergmans, Lisa Heiberg, Bart Michielsen, Julia Oberdörffer, Johannes groβe Beilage, Rika Jenné, Franky Coopman, Stéphanie De Man, Stany Vandermoere, Els Pauwels, Stefaan De Neve, Kristine Bolte, Raf Dewil, Raimund Esch, Andreas Bauwe, Charlotte Boeckaert



After an intensive 1,5 day assembly where the the project and planned experiments were discussed , the project partners payed several field visits to the wetlands and filtersytems that Arhus University constructed in the nearby Odder region.