Chemosphere publishes article about iron-coated sand granules as a purification strategy for phosphate in horticulture

07 May 2021 - Published by Charlotte Boeckaert
The research conducted in the context of the NuReDrain project once again leads to a scientific article. Project partner KU Leuven wrote an article about ‘Adsorption of phosphate on iron-coated sand granules as a robust end-of-pipe purification strategy in the horticulture sector’ that has been published in Chemosphere of March 2021.

 The article by Nico Lambert, Pieter Van Aken, Rob Van den Broeck and Raf Dewil from KU Leuven, Department of Chemical Engineering, Process and Environmental Technology Lab was published in Chemosphere by Elsevier, a multidisciplinary journal focussing on chemicals in the bio-, hydro-, litho- and atmosphere.



• Low-cost iron-coated sand (ICS) sorbent was successfully applied to remove phosphate from greenhouse effluent.

• The adsorption capacity of ICS was enhanced by introducing intermediate resting periods.

•The design and operating management of the pilot filter bed needs optimization to extend the service time until breakthrough.

•Possibilities for phosphate recovery are offered by developing an efficient desorption.

Read the article here


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