Build your own MBBR filter for N removal

02 June 2020 - Published by Charlotte Boeckaert
Nitrate removal can be achieved by biological denitrification to nitrogen gas. NuReDrain partner PCS has been intensively testing the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) filter that uses this principle as working mechanism. A complete and easy to use construction manual of this filter can be downloaded here.

During the course of the Nuredrain project, the MBBR has been trialed on different water types:

- Drainage water originating from tile-drained open fields
- Drain water from vegetable greenhouses
- Drain water from horticulture

PCS has intensively investigated the MBBR application for horticulture. Since the drain water volume in this sector is rather limited, a small scale filter system was found to be suitable.

PCS technicians managed to construct the MBBR themselves by means of do-it-yourself equipment.

As a next step, a MBBR filter construction manual has been drafted. This manual clearly lists all components needed and the different steps to take to construct the MBBR. Total investment cost has been estimated to amount up to € 2 700. Besides, one day and a half of handy manpower should be counted to build the filter.

Download the MBBR filter construction manual here