Iron Oxide Coated Sand (IOCS) & Iron-rich sludge pellets for phosphate adsorption


Iron oxide coated sand is generated as a waste material in fast sand filters used for the deferrization of drinking water from groundwater, and is considered as a solid waste product for the drinking water company. The filter material from KU Leuven can be applied as a secondary raw material which has the specific property to remove phosphate from aqueous streams. When the waste sludge of the same deferrization process is pelletized, an iron-rich adsorbent with a similar (or even better) adsorption capacity is obtained.

The feasibility of the use of this adsorption filter to treat phosphate-rich water from horticulture and agricuture will be investigated during the project. An important research objective is to translate lab scale experience to good practices and optimal working conditions for full scale applications. The influence of granule type, initial phosphate concentration, adsorption kinetics and initial pH will be examined at the overall adsorption process. During upscaling, special attention is paid to the management and optimal operating parameters of the phosphate filter.