Filter materials for N and P

The NuReDrain Project tests a range of innovative filter materials for N and/or P. Discover the different materials here.


Denitrifcation filters

AnoxKaldnesTM biocarriers for denitrification (KU Leuven)


Phosphate removal filters

Iron Oxide Coated Sand (IOCS) & Iron-rich sludge pellets for phosphate adsorption (KU Leuven)

Granular Iron and Alumina based phosphate sorbents (VITO)

DiaPure(R) filter material comprising calcined diatomaceous earth coated with hydrous iron oxides (DiaPure)

Iron Coated Sand from Grobbendonk and from Balen (Ghent University)


Denitrificaton and phosphate removal filters

Zero-valent iron granules (> 2 mm) (Copenhagen University)