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Scientific papers

Scientific paper on modelling filters to reduce Phosphorus Losses

Andreas Bauwe *, Petra Kahle and Bernd Lennartz. Impact of Filters to Reduce Phosphorus Losses: Field Observations and Modelling Tests in Tile-Drained Lowland Catchments

Published in MDPI Water Journal (December 2019)


Scientific paper on predicting dissolved reactive phosphorus in tile-drained catchments

'Predicting dissolved reactive phosphorus in tile-drained catchments using a modified SWAT model' by Andreas Bauwe, Kai-Uwe Eckhardt, Bernd Lennartz 

Published in Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology (April 2019)


Scientific paper on iron coated sand (-glauconite) filters

Vandermoere, S., Ralaizafisoloarivony, N.A., Van Ranst, E., De Neve, S., 2018. Reducing phosphorus (P) losses from drained agricultural fields with iron coated sand (- glauconite) filters. Water Research 141, 329-339 


Abstract for LUWQ 2019

Abstract for the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Land Use and Water Quality, LuWQ2019 in Aarhus (DK)



Poster De Watergroep for workshop in Hannover 


News articles

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Article 'Interreg NordSee Regio - Schutz der Gewässer vor Nährstoffen' in the Annual Report 2017 of LWK Niedersachsen

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