Workshop with the project partners

02 March 2021 - Published by Per-Erik Lindgren

NorthTick - the project that will solve all the problems of ticks and tick-borne diseases? We cannot promise that! But the EU-funded project NorthTick, which is led by Jönköping County in Sweden is showing exciting results. In February all the partners from the countries in the North Sea Region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) gathered at a workshop where several of the research projects on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne infections were presented. One of the subprojects presented its research on artificial intelligence (AI) and how image recognition technology can be used to detect a red skin rash called Erythema migrans (a very common symptom of borrelia infections). A TBE patient also told her story about the path from the first symptoms, to diagnosis and recovery. This gave us valuable insight from the patient perspective. Another subproject has investigated the prevalence of various tick-borne pathogens in urban environments. Again, we feel humbled by both research and technology. We are also glad to see that the Corona pandemic has not haltered the progress of the project.