Finally able to meet again in person

01 July 2022 - Published by Per-Erik Lindgren

After almost three years in the NorthTick project, the project participants were finally able to meet physically at a two-day workshop in June at Fevik, Norway.The workshop was held in connection with the NordTick conference, which is a well established Nordic conference for scientists and researchers on ticks and tick-borne diseases. During the conference the latest research was presented  and informal networks were made. 



Despite the fact that participants were previously only able to meet via digital meetings during the pandemic, the work in the project has proved successful and planned results have been achieved. During the workshop, sub-activities from the various work packages were presented in Fevik with the latest results. Some examples from the presentations are:

Risk assessment and prevention of tick-borne diseases

In the citizen science project “Teak a break” in Flanders the general public is involved in collecting ticks in their gardens and submitting them for analysis. Ticks were found in 40% of gardens, and a  significant proportion of the ticks contained disease-causing pathogens. Based on studies of ticks in recreational areas over the North Sea Region, we are also investigating the relationship between vegetation, wildlife abundance, tick abundance, pathogen prevalence and human presence.


Microbial diagnostics of tick-borne diseases 

To monitor the prevalence of tick-borne pathogens in ticks, host animals and humans, and to provide accurate diagnostics, appropriate high quality methods are needed. In NorthTick we are evaluating and researching new kits and methods for diagnostics. 


Management of tick-borne diseases

An overview and consensus document of diagnostic, treatment and management strategies of tick-borne diseases in the North Sea Region is near completion. Stakeholders have been actively involved in this work, and some of the stakeholders and patient organozations also participated at the workshop in Norway. 

If you have any questions about the NorthTick project, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We wish you all a safe, relaxing and energizing summer!