Danish tick map

13 March 2023 - Published by Per-Erik Lindgren

Control and prevention strategies for tick-borne diseases require knowledge and awareness about where and when people get bitten. However, little is known about where in Denmark people get tick bites. Additionally, the public needs reliable information on the prevention and symptoms of tick-borne diseases.

Flåtinfo.dk was launched in August 2021 and advertised in various Danish media. It is a citizen-science project where people can register tick encounters. It is also possible to upload pictures of ticks and rashes. Through the website, we are also able to promote new citizen-science projects.

We have received over 1950 registrations, over 200 pictures of rashes and ticks, and approximately 250 ticks. Popular science articles regarding the website have generated more than 15,000 reads.  

The website Flåtinfo - Homepage (flaatinfo.dk) has been an effective platform to inform the public about ticks and tick-borne diseases. However, we need to promote the website regularly to acquire continuous registrations.