Animations about Borreliosis

24 January 2023 - Published by Per-Erik Lindgren

Surveys have shown that the level of knowledge about ticks and tick-borne diseases is very variable, both among the general public and health personnel. Knowledge is important, both to prevent tick bites and diseases. The partners in NorthTick, have in collaboration with Amsterdam Medical Center and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands, worked on a public health campaign on tick-borne diseases. Two animations videos that were originally intended for the dutch public, have been translated into English and adjusted to make the content more relevant for people in the North Sea Region. The first animation video is about tick bites, the risk of tick-borne diseases and long-term health complaints. The second animation video is about the VICTORY-study in the Netherlands, which is about the usefulness of cellular tests in the diagnostics of Borreliosis. These tests are sometimes offered by private companies or private clinics in some European countries. But the sensitivity and reliability of cellular tests have not been proven. This is what the VICTORY study aimed to do.