New animations

The partners in NorthTick, have in collaboration with Amsterdam Medical Center, worked on a public health campaign on tick-borne diseases. Two animations videos that were originally intended for the dutch public, have been translated into English and adjusted to make the content more relevant for people in the North Sea Region. The first animation video is about tick bites, the risk of tick-borne diseases and long-term health complaints. The second animation video is about the usefulness of cellular tests (its use in diagnostics is controversial). 





NorthTick: Fighting tick trouble on the rise

02 January 2024

As Europe heats up, ticks are spreading and proliferating in the north, and so are the pathogens they carry with them. The NorthTick project paved the way for handling the growing risk of tick-borne i…

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Animation about TBE

01 June 2023

Many people enjoy nature. They go on walks or picnics, they go hiking, camping, or do outdoor sports. But these activities also put you at risk of comming into contact with ticks, sometimes even in …

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Danish tick map

13 March 2023

Control and prevention strategies for tick-borne diseases require knowledge and awareness about where and when people get bitten. However, little is known about where in Denmark people get tick bite…

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Animations about Borreliosis

24 January 2023

Surveys have shown that the level of knowledge about ticks and tick-borne diseases is very variable, both among the general public and health personnel. Knowledge is important, both to prevent tic…

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Updates from the NorthTick project

07 December 2022

During this reporting period three citizen science projects were in full operation.  The “Teek a break / Ticks in the Garden” project continued to investigate tick abundance in residential gardens i…

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New administrator in the NorthTick project

28 November 2022

Gun Ljungqvist from Region Jönköping County is the new administrator/secretary in the NorthTick project.<><>

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NorthTick 2023 International Conference

19 October 2022

We are pleased to invite you to ‘NorthTick 2023’ International Conference on Tick-borne diseases, which will take place at the Centre for Health Sciences in Inverness, Scotland UK from 30 – 31 May 20…

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Workshop in Copenhagen, January 25 - 26

29 September 2022

The next NorthTick workshop will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from the 25th-26th of January. Save the date in your calender now. The venue is , which is located in the ci…

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Finally able to meet again in person

01 July 2022

After almost three years in the NorthTick project, the project participants were finally able to meet physically at a two-day workshop in June at Fevik, Norway.The workshop was held in connection wit…

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Important information about the upcomming workshop in Copenhagen

21 December 2021

Due to the concerns for the health and safety of all  partners and other stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic, NorthTick is announcing that the 2022 workshop scheduled to take place in Copenhage…

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