Conclusions future trends shipping

As for future trends in shipping and MSP, it is important to keep in mind that shipping is a highly market driven activity and its development is largely determined by the demands for foreign goods and services. The shipping sector is still affected by the financial crises in 2008 and together with the low level of global GDP growth predicted by IMF, growth in shipping is likewise predicted to be slow in the coming years. However, shipping is the main mode of transport for goods around the world and, hence, a major activity to be considered in MSP.

Another important issue to be considered in future trends of shipping is innovation and technological development. The size of vessels was thought to have reached a threshold some years ago but we continue to see a remarkable development in this field. Although there seem to be no limit to how large vessels can be constructed, there is a limit for these ships in port areas. If ports are to accommodate larger ships, there is the need for expansion which will have a direct impact on the surroundings in several ways e.g. spatial, environmental and safety.

New off shore activities like wind and wave farms will also have spatial implications which need to be considered in MSPs. Not only the physical infrastructure itself, but also the supply vessels needed to operate and maintain these activities need to be taken into consideration. These vessels will go where they are needed, which may or may not follow established shipping routes, and hence adds another reflection for the planning and management of shipping in MSP.