Connecting Seas conference in the Deutsche Seeschifffahrt Magazine

16 April 2019 - Published by Nico Nolte
The Connecting Seas conference in Hamburg has been a great knowledge sharing and networking event for Maritime Spatial Planning themselves, but also for sector stakeholders. The conference had several attendees from the shipping and offshore renewable energy sector. Within the respective sectors the relevance of Maritime Spatial Planning for the future of their sector is acknowledged more and more. The article in the Deutsche Seeschifffahrt Magazine increases the awareness of MSP at a larger group of the German shipping industry.

While the sectors understand the growing pressures in the Maritime space, there is an increasing awareness to organises themselves in the MSP processes. For sharing information about MSP for the shipping sector in Germany, the Deutsche Seeschifffahrt Magazine has published an article about the Connecting Seas conference and Maritime Spatial Planning in general. The NorthSEE project will continue to focus on increasing awareness at sector stakeholders in MSP, using workshops and events, but also encourages dissemination of new project findings thought other channels.

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