'Train the Trainer' Workshop 2021

30 August 2021

On Monday 5 July and Wednesday 7 July, a group of 12 NorthSEE partners and their colleagues joined an online MSP Challenge ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop, hosted by Harald Warmelink and Magali Gonçalve…

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NorthSEE Interim Findings Brochure published online

14 May 2020

New NorthSEE Interim Findings Brochure (May 2020) is now available online.

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Current status and future trends of grid cables, electricity interconnectors and pipelines in the North Sea

13 June 2019

High densities of submarine cables (including both power and telecommunication cables) and pipelines (for oil or gas transport) run across large stretches of the North Sea. These cables and pipelines …

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Connecting Seas conference in the Deutsche Seeschifffahrt Magazine

16 April 2019

The Connecting Seas conference in Hamburg has been a great knowledge sharing and networking event for Maritime Spatial Planning themselves, but also for sector stakeholders. The conference had several…

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First joint North Sea and Baltic Sea conference in Hamburg

07 March 2019

The NorthSEE and Baltic LINes maritime spatial planning conference Connecting Seas took place on 13 – 14 February 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. For the first time more than 200 MSP experts and stakeho…

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NorthSEE in Offshore Wind Magazine (winter 2018/2019 edition)

23 January 2019

The offshore wind energy sector is one of the key target groups of stakeholders for the NorthSEE project. In this sector, the 'Offshore Wind magazine' is one of the most used information exchange sour…

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North Sea wide study on connectivity between Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

18 December 2018

The NorthSEE project is focusing on transnational coordination between plans and planning processes in the North Sea Region on three main topics: Energy, Shipping and Environment. For the environmenta…

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SAVE THE DATE - NorthSEE-Baltic LINes MSP Conference 13-14 February 2019

16 October 2018

It is official! The MSP conference “Connecting Seas” from two INTERREG sister projects “NorthSEE” and “Baltic LINes” will take place on the 13th – 14th February 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. The conferenc…

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MSP Challenge Aberdeen gets the regional energy stakeholders on board!

08 October 2018

The NorthSEE project hosted an energy workshop in Aberdeen, Scotland on 3rd and 4th of October 2018. The event was well attended by NorthSEE project members and a range of other participants such as t…

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