Northern Connections

Webinars: Cluster Management Training

11 November 2020 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
The third and final Northern Connections cluster training sessions will take place on December 9th and December 10th from 14:00-16:30.

The training will be very practical and will feature the insights of four clusters from across Europe, Canada and South Africa. This will be a unique opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading cleantech clusters, and provide perspectives on best practices from beyond the EU bubble. We look forward to lively discussions and knowledge-sharing, ending Northern Connections by looking forward to continued collaboration.

The topics will be the following:

Day 1 - December 9th

  • Part 1 - Stakeholder engagement as a basis for strategy & activity development

  • Part 2 - Clusters & Advocacy: Orchestrating bottom-up input for policymakers

Day 2 - December 10th

  • Part 1 - Process monitoring, indicators & impact measurement - how can clusters get better at capturing and communicating our impact?

  • Part 2 - Cluster Certification – Is it worth the trouble? Tips on how to get the most of it.


If you are interested in participating and have not yet received an invitation, please contact Ben Jorgensen (email:, Project Manager at Sustainable Business Hub and Project Partner in the Northern Connections.