Northern Connections

Toolbox v. 1.0 – Innovation Support Measures

18 June 2018 - Published by Christina Knudsen
Lars Bern, Business Region Gothenburg, WP-lead in WP4 – Cluster Capacity opened the Cluster Toolbox-session which took place from 14.00-16.00.

Lars gave status on the toolbox and the iterations in the phase plan, where The Toolbox v. 1.0 is the first iteration in the work with the practical tools. The Toolbox v. 1.0 includes 15 support measures, where some will be used on everyday basis, while others might only be used once a year. The Toolbox Catalogue functions as a cookery book, where one can find inspiration or recipes for the next matchmaking efforts. The Toolbox catalogue starts with an introduction to Matchmaking & Innovation that defines matchmaking as a core service in the networks.

The Toolbox also presents some general considerations to go through before planning the matchmaking and then follows ten good advices for the networks when entering national as well as international activities.

The central focus of the catalogue is the collection of methods, where you can read about each method and what it requires in terms of preparation, practical execution and follow-up. The 15 methods or innovation tools is divided in four main categories: Events, Services, Long-term initiatives and Tools.

The catalogue has been developed with inspiration from and in collaboration with Cluster Excellence Denmark and the Northern Connections partners have selected their top picks from the Handbook for Matchmakers and added their own favourite innovation measures.

You can find the toolbox catalogue here.

ou can also find the presentation, which Lars Bern created to TWD right here.