Northern Connections

The Northern Connections project is on track

12 October 2017 - Published by Christina Knudsen
The first reporting period for Northern Connections is about to finish. In general, the project is on the right track according to the overall time schedule. Each Work Package is off on a good start and the focus is on closer collaboration between the partners.

After the analysis of the Regional Innovation Strategies, there are many different challenges among the clusters and regions/cities when it comes to working internationally.

Furthermore, there is to be developed a joint toolbox for the clusters to use when they work with companies. The first steps have been taken and on 16-18 October, there is going to be a workshop in Groningen where we are to elaborate on it even more. Some of the issues and indicators in the progress reports are to be completed and initiated after the workshop.

There have also been established two political groups: a Political Board and a Policy Coordination Group with representatives from the involved cities and regions. They are to use some of the findings in the analysis of the Regional Innovation strategies from Work Package 3 in order to discuss how to improve the conditions for internationalization of the clusters and their companies.

All regions in Northern Connections have contributed to making a list of possible Living Labs, which is one of the core elements in the project. A total of more than 150 places were mentioned and they are to be boiled down to 2 Living Labs pr. region. In 2018 companies are to be involved in the process of developing the Living Labs even more.

Most of the partners have made a progress - and finance report in the Online Monitoring System. It was the first time the system was used and after some meetings and dialogues with the partners, the reports were conducted successfully in the system. Each partner are to have a dialogue with their accountant (FLC) until the end of October and when all reports and finances are approved, a joint report will be written and published on our website.