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The first Policy Tool video presentation is launched!

15 April 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
Video presentation of Policy tool "Position your city or region as a ”buyer” " by Maria Strömberg, Business Region Gothenburg. It is the first of a selection of policy tools from the Toolbox of Innovation Support Measures to be presented on video.

The Northern Connections partners are happy to announce that video presentations of the policy tools are in the making – and the first video presentation of Policy Tool nr 3 "Position your city or region as a ”buyer” - seeking innovative sollutions" is now launched. The video is available HERE!

Policy Tool nr. 3 is presented by Maria Strömberg, Director at Business Region Gothenburg, who works with Clusters and Innovation in the Gothenburg Region. Due to their experience within the city and as a region, Business Region Gothenburg have contributed with their knowledge on this Policy Tool. The video presentation of the Policy Tool provides knowledge on how cities and regions often face many challenges for development or service delivery of the city, and how to overcome those challenges by addressing the challenges and invite actors to contribute with new innovative solutions in order to solve the challenges. Furthermore, she talks about other possible solutions, how to position your city or region as a buyer - and how Business Region Gothenburg is testing the policy tool by being a testbed through their Living Lab Event this spring - on 8th May 2019.

You can learn much more about overcoming these challenges by watching the video presentation on Policy Tool nr. 3: Position your city or region as a ”buyer” – Seeking innovative solutions.

The video presentations of the Policy Tools are in the making for the next version of Toolbox of Innovation Support Measures. The catalogue is considered to be a cookery book, which you can consult to seek inspiration and find the recipe for your next matchmaking efforts. In addition, the catalogue is aimed at experienced matchmakers as well as someone planning their first match. Initially we will look at matchmaking: what it includes, what it means to make a match, and what skills are essential for a good matchmaker.