Northern Connections

Preliminary questionnaire results show significant differences in know-how transfer

26 June 2017 - Published by Rikke Schak Toustrup-Jensen
Cluster partners have different views on how regional innovation strategy is setting the frame work. The aim of the project’s work package 3 (WP3) is to build a common baseline of knowledge and understanding between the project partners.

This is necessary as partners from the public sector (cities and regions) and from the private sector (clusters representing enterprises) will cooperate closely during the project. In a questionnaire survey, the cluster partners in the project were asked about how regional innovation strategies are setting the frame for their work today and what challenges and problems they are facing in their businesses. Based on these results, cities and regions will discuss how policies could be adapted to better support the clusters' work. 

Another topic of the questionnaire was the status of internationalisation of the clusters and the cooperation with knowledge institutions. Although the results are still preliminary, it is clear that there are many differences between the cluster partners regarding the level of internationalisation and the way in which knowledge transfer is organised in their regions.

Picture: The map shows the preliminary result of the questionnaire concerning the question on the cooperation with knowledge institutions (source: HCU, Alessandro Arlati)