Northern Connections

Political awareness of international cooperation in the City of Aarhus

26 June 2017 - Published by Rikke Schak Toustrup-Jensen
In Aarhus we have set an ambitious goal to be CO2 neutral by 2030, as a step towards a fossil-free society. As a partner in the Northern Connections project, the focus of the City of Aarhus is to create political awareness about the need for international cooperation in order to find sustainable solutions.

Our primary target group is therefore politicians at local, regional and national level. To alert them to the strengths we have in sustainable energy and to demonstrate the need for cross-border cooperation to enhance competencies and innovation power for competitiveness. At the political level, we aim to point out that the politicians have a responsibility to reduce barriers to international cooperation so that we can create growth and more jobs.

Our expectations for North Sea Region cooperation are that within the project we need to go beyond existing best practice at a local or regional level and create new collective best practices - bringing together the amassed experience from all of the project partners - we recognise that we can learn a lot from each other that will make both the project and the individual partners stronger and deliver greater results across the Region.

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