Northern Connections

Partnermeeting in Gothenburg - Strengthening both Living Lab concept and Toolbox

08 February 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen

13 representatives from the Northern Connections partnership met up in the beautiful city of Gothenburg on the 10th and 11th of January, to reflect on the experiences and coordination of the first two Living Lab Events at Syd Energi (DK) and Økernbyen (N). Furthermore, the agenda engaged the participants in talks about how to effectively test, evaluate and improve on the Toolbox developed within the project.

Speed of trust - more than anything, this has proven itself a valuable accelerant in relation to effectively communicating and reaching decisions within the partnership, as such, by each meeting in the partnership we are moving exponentially into an area of understanding of other the partners in the project, making understanding of motives clearer, and therefore, decisions easier.

In Gothenburg, the partnership evaluated on the two past Living Labs, as well as the coordination of these, hereby streamlining the communication and interaction with future Innovators (applicants), in regards to the upcoming Living Lab Events in Gothenburg and Hamburg.

2019 is also going to bring improvements and additions to the Northern Connections Toolbox. The projects partners are focused on creating quality content, in order to exemplifying the identified tools, also adding new ones the existing Toolbox  version 1.0 – Innovation Support Measures.