Northern Connections

Partner Testimonial - Scottish Enterprise

13 November 2018 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen


Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s economic development agency, we focus on searching and exploiting global opportunities for Scottish businesses. We take a particular focus on renewable energy technologies and have built a large cluster of businesses across the country and pride ourselves on our exemplar offshore wind sector. 

A part of Northern Connections 
Our aim in Northern Connections is to further collaborate with EU partners to allow innovation in renewable technology in Scotland and the rest of the Europe. 

We are tasked in part with delivering the Scottish Government Energy Strategy, three tenets of which are: 

  • A whole-system view – broadening the focus of the Scottish Government’s energy policy to include heat and transport, alongside electricity and energy efficiency – creating an integrated approach which recognises the effect that each element of the energy system has on the others.

  • An inclusive energy transition – recognising that the transition to a low carbon economy over the coming decades must happen in a way that tackles inequality and poverty and promotes a fair and inclusive jobs market.

  • A smarter local energy model – enabling a smarter, more coordinated, approach to planning and meeting distinct local energy needs that will link with developments at the national scale.

We intend to further build relationships and business contacts with EU partners and businesses through projects like Northern Connections to allow us to prepare for a post Brexit business landscape in Scotland. 

Additionally, we have one of Europe’s largest Carbon Emitters (Grangemouth) and do not yet have sufficient legislation to encourage businesses to reduce this. We entered the Northern Connections project with the view of reducing these large carbon emissions in a way that is commercially attractive to businesses – all ideas are welcome. The Scottish Enterprise intend to involve all partners in our Carbon Capture and Utilisation Living Lab Event in Scotland in 2019. This will provide partners with the opportunity to engage the businesses they work with in this opportunity. 

Furthermore, the Scottish Enterprise also work closely with the Enterprise Europe Network, so any opportunities we can engage Scottish Businesses in the better. 

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