Northern Connections

Partner Testimonial - Region of Southern Denmark

08 May 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen

Denmark is a national hub for energy related industrial sectors and The Region of Southern Denmark has strongholds in two specific areas, offshore energy and energy efficiency.

Traditionally, the western part of the area has been the centre of the Danish offshore oil and gas industry. While oil and gas production still are economically important to Southern Denmark, it has within the last few years been surpassed by the wind industry, which also primarily operates offshore. Today, major players in the wind turbine industry like MHI Vestas and Siemens Gamesa are situated in Southern Denmark providing jobs and revenues to the area. In total the offshore industry employs more than 10.000 people in the area and generates a yearly turnover of approximately 4.6 billion Euros.

The Region of Southern Denmark also houses a large field of internationally leading businesses working within the area of energy efficiency and energy optimisation in devices and processes. Large international players like Danfoss are situated in the area side by side with smaller and upcoming companies.

On the governmental level, The Region of Southern Denmark is increasing its focus on preventing further climate changes. Among other things by addressing the question of formulating strategic plans for the transformation from a fossil based to a fossil free energy system throughout the area. At the same time the region as an organisation has increased its focus on its own carbon footprint. Primarily in the hospital sector, which is run by the region, but also regarding for instants the part of the public transportation system that the region is in charge of. These focuses will most likely lead to a growing demand for market-based solutions.

The benefits of Northern Connections
Through the Living Labs Northern Connections creates a platform for minor Southern Danish companies to show off their products and abilities to a wider audience, thus enabling them to easier reach a broader market faster.

Being part of Northern Connections helps to strength the goals of the region. It offers an opportunity to gain inspiration from regions across the Northern part of Europe, but also the prospect of establishing strategic cross boarder collaborations on shared goals and interests.