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Partner Testimonial - Oslo & OREEC

21 September 2018 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
A Partner Testimonial by Oslo & OREEC, partners in Northern Connections

Welcome to the Oslo in 2018. 

OREEC is the lead cleantech cluster in the Oslo region. We aim to do one thing and one thing only – business development on renewable energy and environment technology.  The network consists of several minor clusters. The Norwegian solar energy Cluster (70 partners), Norwegian Hydrogen Forum (40 partners), A network on Sircular Ecomomy and on one Smart Mobility (100 partners).

The City of Oslo is upgrading the city through our very ambitious climate targets. We have adopted, probably, the world’s most ambitious climate targets. We will reach this target through climate budgeting. We count emissions the way we count money. We take responsibility through action – the climate problem shall not be solved at a different place, at a different time. By 2020 we are going to reduce the direct emissions by 36 percent, compared to 1990-level. In 2022 we hope to have full scale carbon capture and storage technology installed at one of our waste to energy plants. That will bring us to a 50 percent reduction. By 2030 we shall have reduced the direct emissions by 95 percent, compared to 1990-level. The City of Oslo is proud to have been chosen as the host for several NoCo workshops and also the Political Conference in November.

The Northern Connections Oslo Team consists of

  • Mali Hole Skogen OREEC
  • Kristin Anderssen City of Oslo
  • Øystein Ihler City of Oslo  

2018 is a high activity year for Northern Connections in Oslo. We have the following milestones under development in Oslo for 2018

  • Green capital - An international investor program
  • Storytelling 1- Branding SMEs: Oslo the Circular city in the end of the world
  • Storytelling 2 - Branding SMEs: Oslo - The EV capital of the world
  • Green procurement arena – The Oslo-method for including SMB's in private and public tenders on large contracts

          Completed cases

  • Workshop – NorCon LL 26th-27th of February 2018
  • Workshop - NorCon Policy 18th-19th of April 2018
  • Lead Co-lead Meeting in Oslo 3rd-4th of May 2018
  • OREECs Annual Conference - Bringing NorCon on top of the Oslo Cleantech agenda


The Oslo team would also invite you all to participate in Oslo Innovation Week: week 39