Northern Connections

Partner Testimonial - Noord-Holland Noord

04 February 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen

Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord (NHN) is a regional development agency which focuses on 3 main sectors: sustainable energy innovations (onshore and offshore), innovative agriculture and tourism. NHN assists and supports anyone wishing to start up a company, invest or develop business in Noord-Holland Noord, the region north of Amsterdam. NHN is at the center of economic activities, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and government authorities. NHN can help companies with business development location, finance, innovation, and network.

Our mission is to create regional growth by stimulating investments and creating new jobs. Development Agency NHN is a non-profit organization with 19 public stakeholders.

Furthermore, our aim with Northern Connections is to learn from other clusters and regions, share knowledge and implement new tools for cluster cooperation.

Living Lab
In the region we are working on all kind of renewable gas solutions, from biogas to hydrogen. We have access to a testing facility for gasification plants and we are looking for solutions to optimize gasification technology. Besides that we are developing the whole chain from production of renewable gas via transport to consumption. In order to do so, we need SMEs to contribute in every aspect.

Northern Connections gives us the opportunity to facilitate SMEs in our network by entering new markets and to take advantage of business opportunities outside our own region.

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