Northern Connections

Partner Testimonial - INNOVATUM

15 April 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
International cluster collaboration creates growth and innovation opportunities for SMEs through living labs.

As a partner in the Northern Connections Interreg project, Innovatum see the project as a great opportunity for international cluster collaboration. In the project we share knowledge between each other while we make progress in the work packages. We contribute mainly in the living labs where we in collaboration with New Energy Coalition in The Netherlands coordinate the living labs and try to provide innovative SMEs to the other Living lab events. Innovatum is also part of the planning for the living lab event in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the start of the project we did contribute to the toolbox.

A Science Park pushing innovation and knowledge relations

Innovatum is a Science Park for the development of knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation. We have more than 20 years of experience managing and financing innovative projects. At the moment we have more than 270 partners from academy, public sector, regional businesses and industry networks.

Innovatum process about 40 development projects per year, several of them with partners from other EU-countries. We test ideas, allow them to grow and become reality, always aiming to benefit small and medium-sized businesses, always with focus on innovation, growth, sustainability and social benefits, always in collaboration with important and relevant players.

We have five focus areas; sustainable transports, renewable energy, maritime industries, sustainable production, creative industries. Innovatum also have an incubator program with about 30 companies on an ongoing basis. During the years we have helped more than 100 startups to develop, find investments, scale up and internationalize.