Northern Connections

Partner Testimonial - Central Denmark Region

15 April 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
Pushing the sustainability agenda through international cooperation in specific sectors.

About Central Denmark Region
Central Denmark Region is one of five administrative units in Denmark. The primary responsibility of Central Denmark Region is health care, psychiatry, social affairs and institutions. Furthermore, the region ensures and coordinates regional development in areas such as education, culture, nature, environment and energy. 

Circular Economy
In Central Denmark Region we are working on a more sustainable social model based on the principles of circular economy.

Climate Change
The region is focused on climate change in terms of both prevention and adaptation to present and future climatic conditions. This work is carried out in networks of relevant players within the region, as well as with other regions around the North Sea. The region has a particular professional expertise in the field of soil pollution, including cleaning up and mapping of raw materials.

A special feature of Central Denmark Region is the large amount of renewable energy already contributing to the energy system.

This is followed up by ambitious goals and plans for the further development of renewable energy. The region has a high concentration of wind energy businesses including some of the world’s largest manufacturers, Vestas and Siemens, which have also attracted wind turbine manufacturers from all over the world.

In the region you will also find knowledge institutions, businesses and test facilities working on bio-refining, biogas and biomass for energy production. The region is looking for ways to develop bio economy strategies and projects

A Partner in Northern Connections
As a partner in the Northern Connections project, Central Denmark Region sees a great opportunity to push our agenda on sustainability in general and more specifically on sustainable hospitals. Our attention will be on the use, reuse, disposal and recycling of plastic. 

Living Labs             
We are aiming at hosting a Living Lab in the late autumn 2019 - together with more Danish actors.