Northern Connections

Norwegian technology for the future with renewable gases

25 September 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
At the Living Lab Events in Alkmaar, OREEC had the pleasure of inviting two companies to attened the LL event in the Netherlands. OREEC and Northern Connections have received positive feedback from the Norwegian members that attended.

OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster) is hosting both one network/cluster for hydrogen and one for biogas. The feedback from the members was that the B2B matchmaking in Alkmaar seemed to be most relevant for SMEs focusing on hydrogen. This was also due to other priorities for relevant businesses focusing on biomass gasification.

The Norwegian clusters were represented by the hydrogen start-up PowUnit and the more established company Umoe Advanced Composites, who is a leading global supplier of large fiberglass composite type IV pressure vessels and transportation modules for CNG, biogas, and hydrogen. The other organisation that was represented at the LL event was PowUnit, who is developing an emission-free, mobile, off-grid energy generator, based on hydrogen as the "energy carrier". The product is called Mobile PowUnit (MPU). They are about to start up building the first prototype, which is planned to be finished in the year 2020. PowUnit will then demonstrate a few units in the Oslo-region the following year.

Due to quite different TRL (Technology Readiness Level), the two companies had different expectations, but both companies grabbed the opportunity to present their product/ concept to a relevant and foreign market and hence experience the market response from a different perspective. Even though the expectations were different, both of the companies said that attending the LL had been very useful and definitely worth the effort for preparations and traveling.

PowUnit was rather impressed by the attraction of the audience to meet the challenge of reducing emissions related to energy supply/ consumption in the planned building projects. They had four successful planned meetings at the event as well as several informal meetings and additionally, they established some exciting contacts to follow up in the shortcoming future and a good starting point to broaden their network into the Netherlands market/ collaboration. Knut Linnerud, CEO PowUnit, states: “PowUnit believe in the LL concept of bringing together resources from both sides - developer and vendor - to get to know each other in a mixture of formal and informal presentations/ workshops.”

Umoe Advanced Composites is already established in the Netherlands, but their response to attending was only positive, since this LL event gave them the possibility to introduce their products and solutions for possible new and interesting customers – and furthermore, to network with other within their field.

For both companies, the LL events also was an excellent opportunity to have a market update and to learn to know the concepts for possible competitors and collaborators.