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Living Lab Event - Hoppet (S)

04 February 2019 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen

When: Gothenburg, Sweden 8th of May 2019

Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, is undertaking its greatest development in modern history and will grow by nearly a third by 2035. The City of Gothenburg plans to invest €600 million a year in new schools and housing projects, all of which must meet strict sustainability criteria.  The Hoppet preschool is a pilot project for these future developments and will be built with fossil-free materials and processes. This cutting-edge project will set the standard for future urban development in the city and will open up a thriving market for sustainable suppliers. The local administration of the City of Gothenburg, one of Sweden's largest managers of public premises, is both project owner and developer of Hoppet. 
Are you an innovative company with a fossil-free solution or product?
At this Living Lab, you have a unique opportunity to present your solutions to potential buyers. Establish valuable collaborations with other suppliers, pitch your products and services, learn more about fossil-free buildings and discuss real business partnerships and opportunities.

Matchmaking - become a supplier to the first fossil-free preschool
Hoppet is seeking solutions and products that are, or have the potential to become, fossil-free through the whole construction process and the operation of the building. Recycled and re-used products are also of interest. Selected suppliers may have the opportunity to see their solutions implemented as soon as this year. The goal is to start the construction phase in 2019 and complete the project by December 2021.

For the Living Lab event, you have the great chance to sign up for qualified matchmaking and one-to-one meetings with key decision makers from the local administration of the City of Gothenburg. On top of that you will have the opportunity to pitch your solution on stage.
Additional business opportunities
During the day, the City of Gothenburg and other actors from the Swedish property market will also be presenting current and future construction projects. Green city investments where sustainable products and services are to be procured.

See our 
official invitation and seminar program.  

What is Hoppet looking for? 
Hoppet is seeking solutions including but not limited to those in the areas listed below; 

Fossil-free and climate-neutral building materials for:

  •       Electrical installations
  •       Heating, ventilation and air conditioning products
  •       Sealants and waterproofing
  •       Foundation 
  •       Insulation
  •       Wall constructions
  •       Paints and adhesives 

Construction phase:

  •       Transport 
  •       Work vehicles 
  •       Dehumidifiers
  •       Energy use 
  •       Temporary facilities 

Any questions in relation to Hoppet? Read FAQ HERE. 

What does Hoppet mean by fossil-free? 
Hoppet looks at all materials and products - everything from building foundations and installations to paints and adhesives. All products and materials should be recycled or be entirely free from fossil fuel derivatives across their lifecycle, from production and transportation to implementation at the site.

Furthermore, Hoppet also includes other emissions of greenhouse gases with climate impact, such as carbon dioxide released when lime is converted to cement. 

Materials from the event:

Presentation Movie of the Hoppet - A fossil-free preschool

Presentations from the Living Lab Event - Hoppet (S)

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A Summary Video of the Living Lab Event - Hoppet (S)

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