Northern Connections

Innovation Tool of the Month – A way of sharing innovation between clusters

18 June 2018 - Published by Christina Knudsen
Through a new way of sharing best practice to support innovation between the 21 clusters, cities and regions participating in the Northern Connections Interreg project, we hope to be able to engage and inspire cluster actors in the project to share their best tools for further innovation development.

"Innovation Tool of the Month" is a way for project partners to share their best examples of approaches and tools that contribute to innovation and development. During an approximate half-hour long online webinar, project participants will be a part of a "best practice" presentation, while they afterwards have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter. The webinar is edited, compiled and can be used as a presentation in other contexts in order to facilitate and inspire further innovation development. 

A large number of examples are documented in an Innovation Toolbox, which is a compilation of innovation support that measures gathering suggestions for workshops, strategy exercises and practical examples. The tools will be used to strengthen clusters' prerequisites to work with their development and innovation capabilities. 

The projects' objective is to get more enterprises to participate in transnational innovation collaboration by strengthening transnational clusters and cities/regions cooperation. Furthermore, this creates the foundation for involving SMEs in innovation. 

Who can participate in the webinars and how we can benefit from the content presented?

"Cluster managers and other cluster actors whishing to get more knowledge or inspiration from fellow partners. We also see that other actors like Science Parks, Knowledge Centers and operators of Living Labs and other test beds can get useful input for further development", says Lars Bern, who is a Area Manager Innovation at Business Region Göteborg and the WP 4 Leader for Cluster Level. 

How will the Toolbox help involving more SME’s in innovation?   

"Almost all examples in the toolbox have been tried on activities where SMEs have been among the participants so it is more than just good ideas. There is a lot of knowledge and experience built in. In the long run it will help SMEs and other cluster members to interact and collaborate in an more efficient way", Lars Bern responded."  

Will you present further tools for Cluster Managers to help develop cluster collaboration and development? 

"Of course. The future development of the toolbox during the project is to include specific support measures for living labs and also how to target policy level", says Lars Bern 

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