Northern Connections

Innovation + internationalisation of cleantech = Northern Connections

12 October 2017 - Published by Christina Knudsen
On september 15th, OREEC gathered 140 representativs from the privat sector, the public sector and from academia in Oslo for an international meeting aiming to present Northern Connections for all actors and to set internationalisation through collaboration between cities and clusters, on the agenda.

"Through innovation and business development we will create a smarter and more sustainable Oslo. It requires that we work dynamically across sectors and borders. OREEC is an important representative of the green business community in the region. Together we work to develop green industry and new jobs locally and internationally. Northern Connections is such an exciting merging arena." said Geir Lippestad, Vice Mayor for Finance and Business Development  in the City of Oslo when visiting OREECs annual international meeting.

Presentations that were given included:

"The road to a smart and sustainable city. Hanna E. Marcussen, Vice Mayor for Urban Development in the City of Oslo 

"Brand Norway", what does it mean for business in Oslo? Pia Kathrine Lund, Innovation Norway

 "We put business in Oslo on the green world map" Alexandra Almasi, Project Manager at OREEC Green Visits

"Oslo is a world-leading region of resource management. An inspiration for cities around the world." Øyvind Brevik, CEO. ROAF

 "Siemens is by world economic forum named the world's most sustainable company in 2017 - how did they do that?" Christian Jahr, Director of Business Development Siemens Norway

"Climate strategy: The road towards the European Environmental Capital." Heidi Sørensen, Director of the Oslo City Climate Agency

"How can we equip green business in the metropolitan area for competition?" Lars Horgen Hinze and Eyvind Sandvik, partners at Corp. lawyers Arntzen de Besche.

"How do we double the exports of Norwegian green technology? Trine Kopstad Berentsen, CEO of  The norwegian solar energy cluster

"What strengths does business in Oslo have? Nina Solli, Regional Director The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise Oslo and Akershus

OREEC and the City of Oslo are now warming up to transnational working days in Oslo in november 2018 and welcomes all partners in Northern Connections to reception in Oslo City Hall on November 28th.