Northern Connections

The Energy Valley foundation is a regional development and cluster organization for the energy industry in the Northern Netherlands. It focuses on the development and valorisation of growth potential for the energy sector.

07 April 2017 - Published by Christina Knudsen

The foundation is a triple-helix organization funded by public and private parties as well as knowledge institutions. Thematic areas of focus are gas in transition and energy system 2.0. Our key target group are SME’s. Currently several activities, which have a direct focus on SME’s, are being carried out. Energy Valley is part of the Enterprise Europe Network which is Europe’s largest SME support network where transnational cooperation is being facilitated for innovation.

Energy Valley has participated in an FP7 project (ENSEA) and an Interreg North Sea Region project (Energy Vision) which both focused on aligning and structuring cooperation with triple helix partners around the North Sea in the field of energy. Through Northern Connections we aim to build on those activities and expect to further increase long term cooperation opportunities. The North Sea and its surrounding regions have a long history of cooperation and economic activity. The Northern Connections project is another example of continuing this tradition and will offer many mutual benefits.