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Development of a CCU Demonstrator Hub Scotland

23 March 2020 - Published by Anne Katrine Arentsen
NEW ONLINE WORKSHOPS! Thu, Mar 26, 2020 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

The main objective is to receive feedback and contribute to the requirements of a world class CCU demonstrator, listen to what industry would require to test and develop CCU technologies to deploy it at commercial scale. Learn more about the purpose of these online workshops HERE.

This series of four workshops will develop and refine a design specification for a carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) Demonstrator Hub that will enable industry to demonstrate, evaluate and adopt different CCU solutions.

The workshops will develop the design specification in an iterative way, as follows:

1. Undertake initial scoping of the facility in terms of equipment and capabilities

2. Define the facility’s focus based on a range of different emissions and products

3. Refine the facility’s scope based on further discussion and elaboration

4. Finalise the scope of the Demonstrator Hub Output from each workshop will be provided to technical design consultants that are being commissioned by Scottish Enterprise to prepare a concept design of the CCU Demonstrator Hub. In the same way, the emerging design plans will be used to inform workshop discussions.

Workshop 1
Agenda Key aspects to discuss at this workshop are:

• What equipment and facilities should the CCU Demonstrator Hub include?

• Should it focus on capture or valorisation technologies? Or both?

• Identifying international best practice that should be considered

• Defining typical industrial CO2 emissions that it should be able to offer

• Identifying the scale required to deliver industry relevant results • Initial ranking of these capabilities

• Identifying how stakeholders would expect to engage with the facility

• Initial commitment from stakeholders on how to engage with facility

• Feedback to be provided to the technical design consultants