Northern Connections

House of Energy recently had a visit from a delegation from Kosovo. The delegation were in Denmark on a study trip to learn about Danish energy technology, how to use it in Kosovo’s energy production and to gather knowledge on how to work as a cluster.

07 April 2017 - Published by Christina Knudsen

The delegation consisted of companies working in the metal industry and in renewable energy, participants from University Pristina and from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The participants are all part of the recently established cluster MIRECK – Metal Industry & Renewable Energy Cluster Kosovo. 

Excited participant
The delegation went to the city of Vojens to see the solar power plant established by Arcon-Sunmark.

The participants were very excited to see the plant. One of the participants told me that he as a representative of a city with 100,000 inhabitants would urge the Mayor to modernize the city’s old district hearting plant, which runs on oil today with a solar heating installation, says Head of District Heating at House of Energy, Hanne Skovby.

District heating in Kosovo
District heating in Kosovo is very common. In Pristina, which is a capital city with 500,000 inhabitants, virtually every household has district heating. However, it is very old and inefficient. All district heating comes from old coal power plants or run on oil. The district heating system is far from resembling the Danish system. Presently 9% of the energy supply in Kosovo comes from renewable energy but their goal is 25% by 2020.

The study trip was arranged by House of Energy and is a result of the collaboration between the partners in Northern Connection.